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Introducing the Kommuter, a fun on-the-go pipe from Piecemaker in collaboration with SiliPint. Each silicone Kommuter bong features a 16oz SiliPint cup, silicone lid, hex tech downstem, and bowl, and detachable mouthpiece. The removable hex tech downstem provides more bubbles for a smoother smoking experience, and the straw-style mouthpiece adds a cool disguise to this bong. The detachable lid also fits other fast food and solo cups so that you can make any cup a bong. Use the SiliPint as a cup on its own or attach the Kommuter lid to transform it into an unbreakable bong.

Got an extra Solo or Dixie cup laying around? Heck, even your standard fast food cup will work! Just pop the Kommuter in and you are off and rocking! The Kommuter converts most drinking style glasses to be used as a water pipe. Grab one to day and see how you can use it!

  • Piecemaker x SiliPint Collaboration
  • Unbreakable Travel-Friendly Bong
  • SiliPint Works as Cup or Bong Base
  • Removable Lid Works on Other Cups
  • Removable Hex Tech Downstem and Bowl
  • Hex Tech Downstem Provides More Bubbles for Smoother Draws
  • Removable Silicone Straw-Style Mouthpiece
  • Replaceable Metal Bowl
  • Piecemaker Decals
  • Glow in the Dark (Blue, Green, and Rainbow only)
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Height: 6" (Cup Only)
  • Width: 3.75"
  • Base Diameter: 2.5"

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