What Products Should I Carry in My Smoke Shop?

Going to a smoke shop for the first time can be an intimidating experience for some people. If you know what to expect, it might not seem too bad. Things like the environment of the shop, the staff, the language used, and the items sold all make a big difference in your customer experience.

Mega Distribution is a wholesaler/distributor, and we've noticed that many great smoke shops are sure to carry certain products such as detox products, Delta products, glass bongs, and hand pipes among other items. It's also essential that businesses have consistent income by stocking staple products. Diversifying your product selection can lead to greater success!

Key Takeaways

  • Products such as live resin, concentrates, and dried plant extracts have gained popularity, making them important choices when considering what type of goods to carry in a hemp smoke shop inventory
  • Vape cartridges filled with CBD or Delta cannabinoid extractions, as well as items for dabbing refills are great selections to offer customers.
  • Include additional specialty items like sparkling rolling trays, rolling papers, lighters, smell-proof bags, or travel cases specifically designed for smoking accessories
  • Offer paraphernalia from pipes to bubblers that come in various shapes, colors, and sizes to cater to all types of customers
  • Cleansing teas and detox drinks can help hasten the rate at which toxins leave your body system during smoking sessions. These can make excellent additions to stocking options in a smoke shop.

 Live resin & concentrates

Live Resin and Concentrates Wholesale

Hemp smoke shops should consider carrying live resin and concentrate as these products are incredibly popular among users. Live resin is a full-spectrum concentrate extracted from fresh flowers which has terpene profiles closer to that of the plant itself than traditional dried flower extracts.

Concentrates offer faster effects due to their pure potency and provide an alternative option to consuming straight products. Both live resin and concentrates allow users to maximize their experience, providing an extra level of sophistication for those looking to take their hemp-based experience to the next level.

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Smoking Accessories Wholesale

There are a variety of smoking accessories for hemp smokers to choose from. This could include pipes, rolling papers, grinders, and even ashtrays. In addition to this, customers may want lighters or wicks that come in a variety of styles and materials.

If there is specialized hardware for vaping hemp buds, then these items should be stocked in the shop as well. Lastly, it would also be beneficial to carry various types of flavored herbal liquids used with cartridges to appeal to those who prefer vaping over smoking.


Detox Products Wholesale

In a smoke shop, carrying detox products can be beneficial for those looking to reduce their usage or cut it out altogether. Not only does this provide potential customers with an additional option but also gives your business recognition as being socially conscious. Popular detox products include 5 Day Detox Concentrates, Capsules, and Mouthwash.

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Edibles and Mushrooms Wholesale

Smoke shops are perfect for stocking edibles, such as Delta 8 gummies, protein bars, and chocolates that are infused with cannabinoids. Additionally, you could carry designer hemp strains as well as amanita mushrooms of various varieties.  These mushrooms have long been used in spiritual and shamanistic practices and can provide an interesting addition to your shop.   

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Delta Products Wholesale

When it comes to deciding what products to carry in a hemp smoke shop, Delta Products are an excellent choice. With everything from premium Delta 8 flower and pre-rolls to high-quality Delta 10 cartridges and vape pods, they offer something for every consumer. Their innovative formulas are tailored to provide powerful effects with minimal psychoactive components. Customers will appreciate the wide variety of options available at your shop.

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Topical Products Wholesale

Hemp topicals are a great way to get the benefits of hemp without inhaling it. There are various topical products available, such as bath soaks, massage oils, roll ons, and lotions. These can all be found in most smoke shops and make for a great addition to any health-focused store.

The last thing customers want is an overwhelming selection. If carrying too many products could diminish the stock quality or speed of delivery, consider stocking only those which match your shop's goals, values, and brand ethos.

Drug Testing Kits Wholesale

Drug testing kits are a vital part of any smoke shop. These items can help customers determine if their urine is clean. 

Drug testing kits come in various forms including litmus paper test strips. Carrying these products will give your customers peace of mind knowing that their purchases meet legal requirements and contain clean ingredients.

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Partner With the Best Hemp Wholesaler

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What Products Should I Carry in My Smoke Shop? Conclusion

What Products Should I Carry in My Smoke Shop? Conclusion

To have a successful smoke shop, you should carry a wide selection of products such as detox, edibles, vape pens, and cartridges. You should also include other items like Drug Testing Kits that are related or complementary to the theme of your shop.

Additionally, stocking unique novelty items such as bubblers, ashtrays, and hookahs can help attract customers who will be browsing in your store. Finally, developing relationships with a quality wholesaler can ensure that the products you offer are high quality and up-to-date with industry trends. Contact Mega Distribution or Register to increase your smoke shop's a success!

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