The Best Hemp Brands to Carry in Your Smoke Shop

With all the Hemp options out there, it can be hard to determine which Hemp brands offer the highest quality products. But we've got you covered! Our team has sifted through a variety of Hemp brands to provide you with our top picks so that you can stock your smoke shop affectively.

Whether you're looking for something flavored or unflavored, potent or mild, in different sizes and types—we have a recommendation for the best option for your needs. Check them out!

Key Takeaways

  • Hemp has taken over the smoke shop industry, with brands branching out from traditional CBD oil to include hemp edibles, carts, disposables, and accessories.
  • High-quality hemp products offer an array of beneficial compounds like fatty acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.
  • When selecting which brands to carry in your smoke shop, it’s important to choose ones that test their ingredients for contaminants and stand behind their product quality guarantee.
  • The following are 5 excellent hemp brands to carry in your store: URB, Delta Extrax, Geek'd, Hemp Bombs, and Galaxy Treats.

URB Wholesale

URB Wholesale

URB products have earned many awards, and they go above and beyond to make sure each customer's desires are met with tailored options. You can find everything from micro dose Lozenges, vapes, to chocolate edibles available with URB.

Even better is their vegan line of natural essential oils! They also have unique wellness strengtheners made out of synergistic plant extracts that you won't get anywhere else. One thing people appreciate about URB is their commitment to innovation while staying eco-friendly by avoiding non-recyclable materials or single-use plastics in their packaging.

Top wholesale products offered by URB:

URB Products Wholesale

Delta Extrax Wholesale

Delta Extrax Wholesale

If you're looking for reliable Hemp products while keeping within legal limits, then Delta Extrax is the brand to get. They offer a huge selection of premium hemp-based products; including e-liquids, oils, and edibles.

Plus, all their ingredients are ethically sourced and the formulas are carefully designed with customers in mind. All these items have a maximum of 0.3 % THC too and they go through extensive lab testing to ensure purity, potency, safety, and consistency - making them a great choice for your smoke shop!

Top wholesale products offered by Extrax:

Delta Extrax Products Wholesale

Geek'd Wholesale

Geek'd Wholesale

If you're in the market for some high-quality hemp products, look no further than Geek'd. Launched in 2019, this award-winning company provides customers with natural and organic Hemp products and cannabinoids - from PHC, THCp, to THCjd and beyond!

They source all of their full-spectrum hemp extracts from farms around Northern California and rigorously test each batch for both purity and potency. With great customer reviews online and plenty of variety to choose from, Geek'd has established itself as one of the top names in the industry.

Top wholesale products offered by Geek’d:

Geek'd Products Wholesale

Hemp Bombs Wholesale

Hemp Bombs Wholesale

Hemp Bombs are one of the top Hemp brands and their oils, capsules, gummies, and topicals are popular! You can find tons of different flavors on Mega Distribution website so no matter what your taste may be you'll find something that's perfect for your smoke shop.

Top wholesale products offered by Hemp Bombs:

Hemp Bombs Products Wholesale

Galaxy Treats Wholesale

Galaxy Treats Wholesale

Based in Colorado, Galaxy Treats has established a quality reputation for producing high-quality hemp products since it was founded in 2017. They offer a wide variety of edibles such as gummies, mushroom gummies, and cereal bars that are sure to add excitement to your smoke shop selection.

The packaging is also bright, and modern, and typically features fun outer wrapping designs. Galaxy Treats’ commitment to excellence can be seen through its 100% organic products with lab-tested results.

Top wholesale products offered by Galaxy Treats:

Galaxy Treats Products

Wholesale Hemp Products

Having a wide variety of top-quality products in your smoke shop can increase customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. Carrying reputable wholesale brands is a great way to guarantee that you will have the latest and best merchandise at your disposal.

One of the best products to carry in your smoke shop is Geek'd D8 + THC-P Live Resin Gummies 20ct. These gummies are infused with high-quality live resin that contains 80% delta 8 THC, 12% other cannabinoids, and 10% terpenes.

Another popular wholesale product you should consider carrying is the Urb TH Infinity Flower. This unique flower blend combines a variety of ancient monogenic strains that have been selectively bred over time to maximize terpenes produced by each plant resulting in a more potent product.

For customers looking for the latest innovations, Extrax Delta-8 + Delta-10 + HXY-11 Hemp Flower is sure to be a hit!  With natural terpene profiles delivering a potent, yet smooth effect, Extrax’s combination of delta 8, delta 10, and HXY11 is ideal for customers looking for something different.

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Best Hemp Brands To Carry in Your Smoke Shop Conclusion

Best Hemp Brands To Carry in Your Smoke Shop Conclusion

We covered 5 of the best hemp brands for smoke shop retailers to carry, including URB, Delta Extrax, Geek'd, Hemp Bombs, and Galaxy Treats. These brands provide a wide range of products to cater to the needs and preferences of their customers, from American Hemp oil tinctures to cartridges and even amanita mushroom products.

Each brand is committed to delivering a high-quality product through stringent lab testing that ensures purity and potency throughout its entire supply chain.

Additionally, Mega Distribution offers unparalleled customer service tailored towards helping smoke shop owners discover which product would be most for their shops. 

Working with a reliable wholesaler also makes it possible to get savings for large orders and simple access to the newest products and trends. Register with Mega Distribution right away to take advantage of bulk orders and give your smoke shop customers what they want!

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