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Vale's new Cleansing Capsule is our smallest, most portable detox product ever. This single capsule delivers a powerful blend of ingredients that quickly and effectively cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. Like all Vale products, our Cleansing Capsule is the best of its kind. Our scientists selected capsules over soft gels because capsules dissolve much faster (soft gels take over 45 minutes to dissolve). We also put more active ingredients in our capsules so that they'll work for everyone, regardless of weight or toxin loads. You can carry the capsule in your wallet, purse, desk or glove box. Simply take the capsule while drinking plenty of water, and toxins will be flushed from your body.

Directions: Ninety minutes before you want to be clean, take the Vale Capsule with 48 oz of water. Over the next 3 hours, drink 12 oz of water every hour. Eat light meals and avoid tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, and exercise. Urinate whenever necessary. The Vale Capsule is effective in about one hour and lasts five hours. You will be cleanest two to four hours after taking the Vale Capsule. For best results, when you have time to plan ahead, drink a 12 oz glass of water every hour before taking the Vale Capsule, and drink 6-8 glasses of water each day before taking the Vale Capsule. Avoid unwanted toxins: the more clean time you allow yourself, the better.

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