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Strain: Blue Watermelon (Indica)
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Off-Spectrum™ is a heavy hitter proprietary blend of major, minor, and yet-to-be-discovered cannabinoids that are off the current spectrum blended with our best-selling live resin concentrate and premium True Terpenes ™. Off-Spectrum™ does not contain Delta 8, 10, or any other THC compound over the 0.3% threshold, making it legal in all 50 states*.

 *states that allow vapeable hemp-derived products to be sold. 

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6 Units

Lab Reports

- Blue Watermelon
- Lemon Dream
- Maui Wowie
- Purple Zkittlez
- Strawberry Ice Cream

Ceramic Coil 1.2 Grams | 1,200mg Ingredients: Hemp-derived live resin, hemp-derived distillate, premium terpenes. No fillers (VG, PG Vitamin E Acetate)

What is Live Resin? 

Live Resin is a cannabis extract that uses a unique technique in which freshly harvested flowers are frozen to subcritical temperatures before and throughout the extraction process, rather than being cured and dried out like most extraction processes require—freezing the plant immediately after harvest helps to retain the natural terpenes, flavonoids, and resins that are typically lost through the drying, curing, and extraction process. This gives the final concentration more flavor, aroma, and effects and is the most premium concentrate on the market.

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