Urb HHC-O Caviar Flower


Size: 7 Grams
Strain: Ice Cream #8
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HHC-O Caviar flower is made with premium, hand-trimmed CBG flower. Infused with HHC-O distillate and minor cannabinoids, this flower is coated in Keif for the signature caviar experience.

Ice Cream #8: A sweet, ice cream-like strain that has simple notes of vanilla, coconut, and a bit of citrus rolled into one earthy hit.

Sundae Driver: In the mood for a more mellow flavor? Sundae Driver is a mix of sweet and creamy flavors with subtle layers of berry and grape.

Sweet Orange: A dominant orange-citrusy taste with smaller notes of earth and sweetness.

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Lab Reports

- Ice Cream #8
- Sundae Driver
- Sweet Orange

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