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Perl Delta 8 THC Gummies – Pomegranate Lemonade

Experience the unconventional effects of Perl Delta 8 THC Gummies with the sweet taste and flavor of Pomegranate Lemonade. Perl products are always natural and always crafted to elevate your hemp experience from seed to bottle, with service to match. The perfect cocktail to kick back during the weekend with some friends or alone.

Enjoy the calming and uplifting high everyone is talking about; it’s 100% legal!


Suggested Use:

Take one gummy at a time or even part of a gummy if you are not aware of how cannabis or hemp affects you. The effects of Delta 8 can take up to an hour or more to appear. Don’t be too fast to take a second one!

Why Delta 8 Gummies?

Wondering why you’d want to try a gummy? Probably not. Honestly, they’re probably your first pick. But here’s why you’re right: Delta 8 gummies are dang deliciously. However, word to the wise, take one or even part of one and wait to see how you feel. It may take an hour or so before you start to feel the effects, so, for real, relax and ride it out.

About Perl Hemp Co. 

Located in the heart of colorful Colorado, Perl’s mission is to create the purest and most effective hemp products possible. In fact, Perl Hemp Co. sees hemp as inclusive and welcomes new and experienced users alike.

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