Looper HHC Infused Sourbelts 10ct

Flavor: Blue Raspberry
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Looper HHC Infused Sourbelts provide delicious premium HHC-infused edibles. This product offers a quick, discreet, and easy way to enjoy ten doses of Looper's delicious gummy candy balanced with Dosed's premium HHC. So get the perfect dose in every bite and enjoy a flavor-packed experience.

Lab Reports

Blue Raspberry
Sour Peach

Strawberry Sour Belts: Sweet, Sour, Strawberry. Wrap your tongue around a robust, ripe strawberry belt for an intensely satisfying taste. This treat will undoubtedly please because it is made with insatiable sharp notes of refreshing strawberry and a lick of mouth-puckering zing.

Blue Raspberry Sour Belts: Raspberry, Sweet, Sour. Enjoy the day with our gorgeous sweet and sour blue raspberry belts! These are dosed for only the bravest loopers and burst with lip-smacking flavor that will send waves of pleasure through your taste buds.

Sour Peach Rings: Honey, Peach, and Apricot. This candy will throw you for a loop thanks to the calming tones of our delicious and satisfyingly sweet-and-sour peach rings, dusted with sweetness and infused with potent traces of HHC.


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