Vale Detox One Hour Solution 16oz

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Vale’s Solution is a “thin”, pre-mixed, easy to drink nutritional supplement. Vale’s Solution is specially formulated to aid your body’s natural ability to eliminate unhealthy toxins. Formulated with precise amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin B-2, and creatine monohydrate, Vale’s Solution is easy to drink and tastes great.

Vale’s Solution is a “thin”, pre-mixed, easy to drink nutritional supplement designed for people under 175 lbs with light to average body fat and less-than-daily exposures to unwanted toxins.

Directions: 1 hour prior to your deadline, consume Vale beverage. Wait 20 min, refill the bottle with water and consume this. Urinate as frequently as needed. Avoid unnecessary toxins, especially tobacco, fatty foods and heavy exercise for at least 72 hours prior to your deadline. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your deadline. Adhering to these guidelines will ensure you start your detox program off right.

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