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Spectrum Labs’ Quick Fix is the most popular brand of synthetic urine in the United States, and it is finally available in a belt kit. No more improvised devices or bulky prosthetics. Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is comfortable to wear and 99% guaranteed to deliver.

The main features of the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit include the following:

– Universal-sized belt – can accommodate both men and women

– Utilizes an empty medical-grade vinyl bag that includes biocide, which inhibits bacterial growth

– Attaches with an elastic cotton strap that fits around your waist and can be easily adjusted

– Preloaded with 4 ounces of Quick Fix synthetic urine

– pH balanced and includes ingredients found in regular urine, like urea, making the detection of synthetic urine virtually impossible

– Large adhesive heat pad and a temperature strip included

- Single-use non-refillable urine belt kit

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