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*Cultures not included

Mycology is mostly a sterile game. Sterility is warfare against a microscopic enemy you can't see. It only takes a few mold spores (or bacteria endospores) to ruin your mushroom growth. The solution is the Shrüm Grow Kit. The bag is your fortress against bacteria and mold. The substrate is optimized for mushrooms, and the filter strips allow heavier CO2 to escape, giving oxygen-breathing mushrooms more fresh air. The box includes everything you need except for your spores  (or liquid culture). Each grow bag yields roughly 1/2oz of dry weight, depending on the varietal. 2-3  harvests are possible from each grow bag.

Coast 2 Coast Mycology Liquid Culture Syringe 12mL

What's in the bag?

The Shrüm all-in-one grow bag contains millet, coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, worm castings, crushed oyster shell, and water.

Forget about the tents, tubs, and mycology experience. Patience is the only skill you'll need to witness the miracle of life, from mycelium to mushrooms. 

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