Looper HHC-P Series Live Resin Disposable 2 Gram

Strain: Purplez (Hybrid)
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Display Size: 5 Units


The Looper HHC-P Disposable is ideal for connoisseurs as its live resin formula provides a pure and potent flavor with every use. Enjoy unsurpassed quality and a satisfying experience with every puff.

Lab Reports

Sundae Driver

Purplez: HHC-P + THC-O + HHC + Live Resin

Strain Type: Hybrid

Dominant Terpenes: Berry, Grape, Violet

Parent Strains: Purple Punch and Zkittles

Purplez, or Purple Zkittlez, comes from fruity parents Purple Punch and Zkittlez. Fans of any original purple strains will adore this modern take on the deep-hued genetics. The ever-rare terpene terpinolene appears in the profile, offering its sedating qualities and mysterious woody, herbal, fruity flavors. The high is strong with this one, so take it easy if you are sensitive.

Slurricane: HHC-P + THC-P + HHC + Live Resin

Strain Type: Indica

Dominant Terpenes: Blueberry, Berry, Grape

Parent Strains: Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch

This highly potent indica comes from parents Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch. Despite being high in caryophyllene, the flavor isn’t super spicy. Instead, expect mellow berry and grape flavors with sugary sweetness. Slurricane is ideal for sedation or intense pain relief, as it offers the couch lock you crave whenever you recover or need a good night’s sleep. 

Sundae Driver: HHC-P + HHC-O + HHC + Live Resin

Strain Type: Hybrid

Dominant Terpenes: Vanilla, Blueberry, Grape

Parent Strains: FPOG and Grape Pie

Sundae Driver is an even hybrid from crossing Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles OG. The effects are simultaneously mellow and energetic, offering a clear-headed high suitable for crossing tasks off the to-do list. With a sweet, creamy flavor like vanilla ice cream, you’ll feel inspired to puff on Sundae Driver all day. However, be warned that this strain has a tipping point, and if you cross the line, you’ll be ready for an afternoon nap.

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